Your Jeep Story Doesn’t End Until You Say So

There’s hardly any use in asking where a Jeep story ends, because it doesn’t end until you say so, but everyone’s #MyJeepStory starts somewhere different, and takes you places you might not have ever imagined. For this next video, we’ll see Dan Grec share his personal #MyJeepStory, which first took him from Alaska to Argentina, and is now poised to take him to Africa to travel the perimeter of the continent in one epic adventure. Check it out!

Dan Grec is a man with Jeep spirit in droves, his first adventure saw him and his Jeep Wrangler from Alaska to Argentina, with some hairy moments in between, but nothing Dan and his Jeep Wrangler couldn’t sort out. When he talks about this adventure that the Jeep Wrangler that went with him, he almost glows, saying, “It was magic, it never broke down for the entire trip; it is the most important thing I have because without it there is no journey.” While we can’t say whether Jeep vehicles are actually magical, we do know that adventure and Jeep vehicles tend to travel together.

Dan’s #MyJeepStory doesn’t end in Argentina, though. He’s pushing on to an entirely new landmass: the continent of Africa. After his two-year journey around the perimeter of the continent, Dan should tally somewhere around 80,000 miles of adventure. For this excursion, he’s chosen the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and made some customizations to outfit it perfectly for this adventure. If you’d like to follow along with him, you can track his handle @TheRoadChoseMe across social media. To join in the fun and share your own story, use the hashtag #MyJeepStory on your social media accounts.

You never know how much adventure is out there just waiting to be had until you get out there and find it. If you’re ready to track down adventure wherever it lives, come see us at River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and take a look at our great selection of new and pre-owned Jeep models. Whatever you’re coming up against this summer, we’re sure we’ve got the perfect Jeep vehicle to help you tackle it all and then some.

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